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December 08, 2016
I started wrapping Christmas gifts to send home today. My friend Ashley gets a different type of tea every month as her Christmas gift, and I made jewelry this year for other friends and family. Goldsmithing is my new favourite thing. It's so much fun, and everything is so beautiful. I'm working on pottery too, but haven't fired yet, and it's already getting a little late to send packages to Canada. I usually make most of my Christmas gifts but have some items that I love from others, too. I've put together a little gift guide here with some of my favourite things (plus some DIY food presents!) if you're looking for a little inspiration.

A new recipe will be up tomorrow - you can take a look at my instagram for a sneak peek.

I've also made you guys a free downloadable gift tag set to print! Scroll to the bottom of the post to find it. All you have to do is print and cut them out. Happy Holidays :)

P.S. None of these are affiliate links, just products and makers that I like.

1. Hedgehog clock - this environmentally friendly, handmade bamboo clock is just perfect for a child's room, and the shop has other clocks, wooden items, and calendars.
2. Art & Manufacture platter - everything in this store is beautiful, and handmade in Quebec, Canada. The artist loves to cook and I think her vessels reflect that.
3. KitchenAid mixer - one of my favourite kitchen tools that I had to leave behind in Canada! Kneading bread by hand = sculpted but tired arms. Great if you're looking for more of a splurge gift.
4. Handmade merino blanket - I think this is the most expensive item on the list but it's so pretty that I couldn't resist. Throw blankets are great no matter what, and maybe you'll be inspired to learn how to knit one yourself!
5. Oh She Glows Every Day - I always trust that her recipes are going to work and everyone loves them. This is a great gift for someone who's interested in plant-based eating but not a pro.
6. Ask a local yoga studio if they sell gift cards or class passes that you can gift for the holidays. It's a thoughtful present, you can choose the price, and perfect for someone who has a new year's resolution to be healthier.
7. Facture Goods - ceramic, wood, and metal goods. His prices are relatively low, which is probably why the store is currently sold out, but the next shop update is December 14th.
8. Copper string lights - the prettiest lights that you can have up all year round. They're so delicate that you barely notice them when they're not on, and these are a less expensive version of those ones you might be eyeing up on anthropologie.
9. Stuffed monster toy - hand sewn, glue free, adorable little monster toys for little guys! This is a perfect child's stocking stuffer and only $10.
10. Green Kitchen Smoothies - everything GKS puts out is wonderful and amazing and although I don't yet have this book, I trust that it's excellent. It's also a little less expensive than their other cookbooks.
11. Olive wood spoon - I got this as a stocking stuffer for my mom a couple of years ago and it's a beautiful spoon. No cook can ever have enough nice wooden spoons.
12. Charlotte Filshie - check out these adorable cards! I think kids would love them, and she has prints, colouring books, stickers, and more in her shop. So cute.
13. Seeds - you can gift a seed set, like the link, or a few packets of seeds for a friend who likes to garden. Cubits is great, and so is Heritage Harvest in Canada.
14. Green Beaver shampoo - this is a Canadian brand and I brought four tubes of their toothpaste with me because it's so good. Their products are available in the US now too and they are truly the best natural beauty products I've tried, plus they're really affordable. I hate all other shampoos in comparison, including the one I'm using right now.
15. Mala beads - a mala is used for meditation and chanting in yoga practice, and any yoga practitioner would love to receive a beautiful one like this! You might be able to get one at a local yoga studio, too.
16. Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut - of course it doesn't need to be this specific one, but books always make great gifts. This is one of my favourites and great for someone who likes science fiction, evolution, climate change, or dark humour. I think it's Vonnegut's funniest book.

More gift ideas:
easy overnight dark rye bread (have someone who doesn't like sweets?)
ultimate peanut butter cookies - these are grain free & vegan!
• more luxury food items like specialty oils, chia, nuts, and different flours make great and simple gifts for people who love to cook and bake. Seriously, I adore ingredient gifts.

To download the gift tags, right click and choose 'save to downloads'. I've uploaded it as a jpeg file so it should open on every type of computer. The image files are from here. If you have any problems with it either leave a comment or send me an email at and I'll do my best to help!  

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