Hibiscus and Lime Iced Tea

July 27, 2015

This is a very simple recipe, more like guidelines, so I'll leave you to it without too much explanation. I drink this tea constantly in the warmer months and I've been making a version of it since I was a kid. Hibiscus + lime = awesome. Refresh your mouth. Graham said, "That drink you made is good. It's good when the lime sits in it for a while." which, from him, is pretty high praise. Maybe leave a few slices of lime sitting in it for a while on his advice.

By the way, do hibiscus plants that can be grown in pots not taste like the hibiscus we use for tea? I tried to eat one of the flowers on my plant and it tasted like nothing. What a disappointment. (That little bumblebee got a wee bit stuck shortly after I took that picture, but he's okay now.)

Cost: ~ $1.50

Makes a large pitcher or ~1 litre

1 litre boiling water
1/4 cup hibiscus petals, dried or 2 teabags hibiscus-based tea*
1/4 cup honey*
Juice of two limes, or lemons in a pinch
Lime slices, ice cubes, and mint leaves for garnish

Add the hibiscus petals or teabags to a pitcher and pour the boiling water overtop. Let this steep for a few minutes before stirring in the honey until it melts. Let the tea cool on the counter before removing the hibiscus or teabags - you want it to be very strong. Once it's cool, add the lime juice. Refrigerate until very cold, and serve with sliced lime, ice, and mint.

This keeps well in the fridge and even improves after a day or two.

1. Dried hibiscus petals can be purchased at Central American shops or in some supermarkets. I usually use Meßmer tea instead, because I always have some.
2. You can, of course, substitute another sweetener for a vegan option. I don't recommend maple syrup, but I think agave would be fine.

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