Cozy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

October 11, 2017

I remember when we moved here last year I was just in awe at how abundant the local produce was - that's not the case this year after a very cold and rainy summer and a late frost in the spring. Some things did pretty well despite the cold. On top of sweet potatoes, I've been knee-deep in apples from Omi's trees, mushrooms, rose hips, and hokkaido pumpkins. The mushrooms in particular loved the summer-not-summer weather and they're all over the place. I went mushroom picking for the first time last week and got a bunch of parasol mushrooms, and we're going to head into the woods again this week and see what we can find. I'm trying to collect and dry or jar more this year for us and to give away at the holidays. I've been doing handmade Christmas for a few years now and it's important to start early! 

It looks like our two foster cats are going to be adopted this week and I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about it. Graham's working 14-hour days right now so it's definitely more practical that they're going, and I'm thrilled that they're finding a permanent home, but I'll miss them. They're sweet cats. After they go, we're not going to foster any others while we're living here. We're dog-sitting after Christmas again and have a couple of trips planned, and we have to move out of our apartment in the spring anyway. The house we're living in is for sale right now as well so the realtor comes once a week (bleurgh) and cleaning up takes a lot longer with two cats lazing around getting everything all hairy, hah.

About the recipe - it's very simple, baked sweet potatoes stuffed with tabbouleh, greens, crispy chickpeas, hummus, and baba ghanoush. I used what I had on hand after shooting the dip recipes and it came together really easily. Of course you can use store-bought hummus or whatever else you have, but it really needs that creaminess or else it's a bit boring. The actual work involved in this recipe is minimal, it's just cooking the sweet potato that takes some oven time, but you can do something else while they're baking. I used traditional bulgur in the tabbouleh but you can sub quinoa to make it gluten-free if that's a concern for you. The bulgur is traditional, but the herb to grain ratio is not, because I want to fill my belly and save my wallet. This is the coziest meal ever and really perfect for chilly weather, especially during the shifting period into autumn, when we still have some late-season tomatoes.

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Cozy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Serves 2 as a main

2 medium sweet potatoes, washed
1 1/2 cups / 300 grams cooked chickpeas (or 1 can)
1 tablespoon oil
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon coriander

Preheat the oven to 200C / 400F. Place the sweet potatoes onto a baking sheet* and bake for about an hour, or until they can be easily pierced with a fork.

To prepare the crispy spiced chickpeas, place the rinsed chickpeas into a baking sheet, preferably with higher sides. Add the oil and spices, then use your hands to mix until the chickpeas are fully coated. Place them in the oven halfway through the sweet potato baking time and bake for about 30 minutes, until golden. They'll crisp up more once you take them out of the oven.


1 cup / 250 grams bulgur, cooked
1 cup / 25 grams mixed fresh herbs*, chopped
1 medium tomato, finely chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
Juice and zest of a lemon
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon sumac (optional)

In a medium bowl, mix all of the tabbouleh ingredients until fully combined. Keep any leftovers in the fridge for up to three days.


Baba ghanoush
Pomegranate arils*
Rucola or spinach
Extra herbs

To serve, cut the cooked sweet potatoes open but not all the way through. Mash the inside slightly with a fork, place some rucola inside, then add tabbouleh. Top with plenty of hummus and baba ghanoush, pomegranate, crunchy chickpeas, and additional herbs. 

1. Don't place the sweet potatoes directly onto an oven rack, they'll get sugars all over your oven. I learned this by mistake and cleaning burnt sugar from your oven is a bitch.
2. I used a combination of mint, oregano, and parsley. Choose whatever herbs you prefer.
3. If you don't have pomegranate, you can use raisins for a little sweetness instead.

8 comments on "Cozy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes"
  1. This Christmas we're giving homemade presents as well: jams, chutneys, syrups :-) . These stuffed sweet potatoes look beautiful, we've never made them and I've never cooked bulgur, can you believe? Thank you for the recipe and the beautiful pictures!

    1. How nice! I had wanted to do some preserves as well but we had a late frost this year and the fruit did really poorly - next year! I think you'd really like the sweet potatoes and bulgur is a joy to cook, so simple.

  2. Ahh! I want to eat this right now! (and it's breakfast time for me.) haha This sounds so delicious and comforting for the colder weather that we're starting to have here. Yum!

    1. I had a follower on instagram say that they're planning on making these for thanksgiving breakfast with eggs, it sounds so good!

  3. This is definitely a dish I could see being served with Christmas dinner, with the warming spices and people-pleasing sweet potato. Plus the festive red and green colors make it that much more adorable. Great recipe!

    1. Great idea, Nicole! I hadn't thought about it being festive, but you're right!

  4. Food looks amazing.
    Thank you for sharing....
    We will definitely be making this recipes

    1. So happy to hear that :) Thank you!