Sunday Favourites

February 18, 2018

After the very chocolate heavy favourites last week, I'm moving back into regular links and recipes for this edition. For the 'things I'm loving' section I'm including products and tips for a lower-waste kitchen, with some tips and items I use the most. I don't have a plastic free kitchen, but we try to use the absolute least amount possible and avoid anything like plastic wrap and bags.

I mentioned in my cinnamon bun post this week that I won't be posting quite as much in the next couple of weeks while a friend from Canada is visiting, but I will be sharing a few new recipes - a savoury tart, grain free chocolate cookies, spelt crisp bread, and perhaps more.

Link love:

Millet bircher porridge with pecans • I'm a little envious that Sophie has so many pecans, and this creamy breakfast porridge looks delicious.

Easy chickpea flour pizza • one of my favourite ways to have a quick, higher protein pizza! Using a chickpea flour crust speeds everything up.

Naturally sweetened coconut cream • this is worth taking a peek at just for the (always) beautiful photos, but a little coconut cream is a valuable addition to your dairy free pantry.

Hot pink dragon fruit shrub • the colour of this shrub is stunning.

Coconut oil fat bombs • fat bombs are great for an energy boost and I've been meaning to make some for Graham as he's trying to gain some weight - these have raw cacao as well.

Things I'm loving:

This beeswrap has replaced any need for plastic wrap in our house, and I use it every day to wrap my sourdough and for on-the-go snacks.

If you use straws, try glass ones. Plastic straws are the worst and even the Queen banned them.

We've switched over to reusable cotton dishcloths instead of those thin blue ones that I grew up with, and they also look a lot nicer!

If you can, look into buying bulk for things like flour, seeds, grains, etc. I've heard that bulk barn in Canada now lets you bring your own containers to fill (they didn't when I still lived there) so that's a great lower waste option.

Try storing foods, even in the freezer, in glass jars. Canning jars can definitely withstand being frozen and they're reusable, easy to clean, and eco friendly.

And a couple non-kitchen related - I make my own soap now instead of buying plastic-bottled body wash, and you can get bar soap all over the place. I really like nurturing soul and would buy from her if I wasn't making it (but it is really easy to make on your own).

Consider trying a menstrual cup. I was hard to convince but I started using one about five years ago and haven't looked back since. They're much cheaper in the long run, easy to clean, and no chance of toxic shock. Win win win.

Choose hankies instead of tissues - we use plain old cut up t-shirts. I know you might think it's gross at first but you don't need to reuse them for a week without washing them. And I've heard every stupid argument out there, the worst being that because you have to wash them they're less eco friendly. Do you wash an entire load of hankies? NO. They take up no space and they're a lot easier on the skin around your nose than tissues.

For dinner this week: 

Monday: Spicy Sweet Potato Pancakes

Thanks for reading! If you make any of the recipes, please tag me on instagram @occasionallyeggs and #occasionallyeggs so I can see what you're making, or stay in touch via Facebook, pinterest, and Bloglovin. I'll be back tomorrow with another new recipe.
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