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April 08, 2018

Hi and I hope you're having a great weekend! Welcome to a new Sunday favourites. It was above 30C today (crazy!) and it's officially spring now - everything popped right up this weekend after a bit of a cold start to the season. This past week I shared a few new recipes, a couple that are in this week's dinner roundup below, lemon cardamom pancakes, and a chocolate quinoa bar you guys are loving so far.

Coming up this week I'll have a bunch of springtime recipes, with at least a couple featuring one of my favourite ingredients from this time of year, wild garlic! A wild garlic pesto and a pizza for sure, plus an awesome carrot loaf that we finished within a day, once I got the recipe right. I'm starting to see some absolutely beautiful seasonal recipes coming from other bloggers and I'm sharing my favourites from this past week with you, so I hope you love them too. 

On a more personal note, Graham and I know now that we'll be moving to Holland this autumn for sure now, which is a big weight off my chest! It makes everything much easier to plan now that there's a set place.

Link love:

Nettle Infusions for Energy, Vitality, and Allergy Relief • nettle is the best, and often overlooked as an irritating weed. This is one of many ways to use it for overall health, and it's so easy.

Vegan Rhubarb Almond Tart • braiding rhubarb might be a big thing this spring thanks to Eva, and it's gorgeous. This jumped right to the top of my to-make list once I can get some rhubarb.

Creamy Butterbean Hummus Two Ways • why not try butterbeans for hummus? This recipe roasts up some seasonal veg and serves the hummus with pesto, and makes a pesto hummus pizza. Both great.

Banana Pecan Oat Waffles • gluten free blender waffles made with rolled oats and pecans - this should be a kitchen staple, really.

Sprouted Mung Bean Curry • this is from a New Zealand blog so it's meant for autumn, but I'd be happy to have it in the spring as well. It's a great base recipe to have around and combine with seasonal veggies. 

For dinner this week:

Monday: Cucumber and Lentil Salad Topped Socca

Tuesday: Luxe Butternut Squash Hummus Mac and Cheese

Wednesday: Colourful Late Spring Salad

Thursday: Moroccan Quinoa, Carrot, and Chickpea Salad

Friday: Creamy Hummus and Greens Pasta

Thanks for reading! If you make any of the recipes, please tag me on instagram @occasionallyeggs and #occasionallyeggs so I can see what you're making, or stay in touch via Facebook, pinterest, and Bloglovin
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