Seasonal recipe

Winter Pizza

By Alexandra Daum

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Recipe Ingredients

Spelt sourdough pizza dough Tomato sauce Caramelised onions Apples Mushrooms Olive oil Sea salt Fresh kale Garlic

Cover the dough in sauce

Make your own or choose your favourite store bought tomato sauce.

Add the caramelised onions

Cover the saucy areas in the caramelised onions you have prepared.

Add the apples

Cut an apple or two into thin slices and place them in a circular pattern over the onions.

Add the mushrooms

Cover the apples with sliced mushrooms. Once pre-heated, put the pizza in it.

Fry the kale

Once the pizza is in the oven, fry some kale with oil and salt in a hot frying pan.

Remove pizza from oven

After about 12 minutes, you should be able to take the pizza from the oven.

Throw the kale on top

The kale should be ready by the time the pizza is finished. Place it on top, cut the pizza, and enjoy!

Make this now!

You can make this delicious winter pizza today! Be sure to check the full recipe link for substitutions, tips, and storage instructions.

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